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Curious Faustina I lifetime issue denarius

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Hi andi,

The low weight and the coloring.

Also, in some cases, the copper core is showing through.


Hi Meepzorp.
I am aware of general signs of a fouree, like a copper core showing , but thanks for making it extra clear  ;D
The low weight I oversaw, valid point.
The coloring on the other hand can be caused by almost anything, I could not see a connection between a plating and the color of the intact silver surface. But let us end the discussion here, please.
Thanks and have a nice day

Joe Sermarini:
It is not an official mint issue. It appears to be struck with unofficial dies. That leaves three possibilitie. Modern fake or ancient counterfeit, or ancient imitative. I think the style shows the work of an ancient mind and hand. Imitatives are far less common than plated coins in that period. That makes it very likely a fourree.  Larger photos would allow me to look for other indicators.


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