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NOT IN RIC - sixteen years online

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Lech Stępniewski:
Nothing special - just a small jubilee. But IT geeks probably will appreciate this round anniversary: 16 = 24

The result so far - nearly 5500 different varieties (12 600 specimens) not attested in RIC VI and VII. Some rather trivial and insignificant. Some already published somewhere. But also many interesting coins which are to be found exclusively on NOT IN RIC. 


Congratulations Lech, on the anniversary of your comprehensive and very useful site!

Jay GT4:
Yes, congregations.  Thanks for providing such a useful resource for the community

Pekka K:

Thank you, I visit the site frequently.

ps. binary figure for 16 looks wery round: 10000   

Pekka K

Before I specialised in provincial coins, especially Nikopolis, I visited this site regularly. Many thanks!



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