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Commodus denarius with Star under Throne - UPDATE !

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This Commodus denarius  (TR P XVII/Pietas) with star in field is usual enough - star can be found whether in  right or left field. But here is the variant with  star under the throne!  Is this variant noted? - I did not see it in major sources.

Ob. L AEL AVREL AVG COM P FEL - bust laur right
Rev. P M TR P XVII IMP VIII COS VII P P - Pietas seated left extending hand to child, star under the throne
RIC 236 (var)

3,09g - 18mm - 7h

Thank you for your time,


very nice and interesting.

I agree It is interesting.. +++


Great reverse on that coin. Very nice.

Eric, quadrans, orfew, thank you so much!!! - I am always on the look out for Pietas with very rare TR P XVIII instead of TR P I looked through many ones with Pietas on reverse... but this one with star under throne appeared interesting in its own way ;)   


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