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Byzantine Coins / Re: anonymous folles
« Last post by Vladislav D on Today at 08:24:57 pm »
31mm/13.8 g.
Coin of the Day / Re: Constantine OTD ... twins ...
« Last post by Akropolis on Today at 08:18:31 pm »
Agree. The left shoulder detail on the reverse is different….for one thing.
Coin of the Day / Re: Constantine OTD ... twins ...
« Last post by *Alex on Today at 08:15:27 pm »
The obverse dies look like they could be a match but I don't think that the reverse dies are the same.

Fake Coins and Notorious Fake Sellers / Re: Fake or worn?
« Last post by paps on Today at 07:56:22 pm »
Looks to me to be corroded and worn. The coin looks like it has been cleaned already and what remains are hard deposits, which will take some time to remove.
Uncleaned Ancient Coin Discussion / Re: Coin cleaning microscope
« Last post by Joe Sermarini on Today at 07:24:45 pm »
If you want the best, I recommend Vision Engineering. I have a Cobra. They are discontinued but you can find used ones on eBay (not all the time but sometimes).
Uncleaned Ancient Coin Discussion / Re: Coin cleaning microscope
« Last post by Virgil H on Today at 06:25:34 pm »
Oh, and I highly echo Shawn's comment on a 45 degree angle. Mine is an Amscope 10-20x probably like what you are looking at (not sure model number) and it is a fine scope at a decent price, but the 45 degrees would be so much easier on the neck and general comfort, especially if you are using it for long periods of time. And, I also use mine for soldering at 10X, but for most of the soldering I do, I don't need magnification. For tiny components, it is great.

Identification Help / Sidon Coin - Dating and Verification
« Last post by Falderal on Today at 05:23:17 pm »
Hi everyone. I'm struggling to put together a small Hanukah gift of several Jewish-history related coins to a local Jewish school. This one is very hard for me to see. I cannot read it, but I think this is similar to SNG Cop 221, Lindgren 2324: "Year 34 (78-77 BC). Jugate busts of Tyche, veiled and turreted, and Demos right, ΘEAΣ, Phoenician galley sailing left; date L ΔΛ above, Phoenician inscription ("of the Sidonians"?) below.

Many thanks. So far, I have Antiochus IV, Vespasian, Rabbel II, a Canaan scarab, and I'm searching desperately through even my culls for a First Jewish Revolt prutah but fear I may have already given them all away (my single favorite coin species ever).
Identification Help / Valentinian I RIC help
« Last post by Derek H on Today at 05:05:06 pm »

I am trying to identify this coins RIC. I seem to have tracked it down to either RIC IX 7a or 15a. I am not sure if this is correct as I am new at this and using online sources. However, this is what I have:



*/ P (left field) M (right field)

Mint SIS with characters on either side

2.28 g

I’m trying to use this reference:
Ancient Coin Forum / Re: Meepzorp's coin website
« Last post by Meepzorp on Today at 04:58:15 pm »
Hi folks,

I just edited and/or re-formatted the text in numerous Roman Imperial pages.

I am now finished editing the text in my Roman Imperial pages.

Uncleaned Ancient Coin Discussion / Re: Coin cleaning microscope
« Last post by Virgil H on Today at 04:47:35 pm »
Yeah, I use a magnifying glass and my wife's sewing ring light magnifier more than the scope. But, the scope can be super helpful at times.

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