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Thoughts on Graded Coins

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I was wondering what people thought about graded coins. Do they collect them? How do they feel about qualifiers?

I'm looking at what are for me high dollar coins, and I'm thinking about going the graded route to avoid issues with counterfeits. I'd rather not because I really enjoy touching the history of these artifacts, but don't like the risk of getting burned on a counterfeit that would set me back serious $$$.

For those who do collect them, in sports cards qualifiers impact the value. Do they do the same with coins?


Adrian W:
I know a number of collectors who collect Aureus and when they get a coin always get it slabbed and graded to make sure its genuine as there have been times when what appears to be real has
actually been a fake and very good ones that where not obvious.

So I think its a personal decision which is neither right or wrong


Having the coin graded is a good decision if you have got doubts , but you got to keep in mind that they have their own scale of grading ..

Also if you like the coin to be loose and touch it any time you want
you can have the coin certified by  known Numismatist.

Or simply buy from FORVM coin store .. they have Dr. Ilya Prokopov, Authentication Consultant.
your coin will be guarantied for ever.

Good luck

Jay GT4:
If you are worried about fakes then buy from reputable dealers like Forum who offer lifetime guarantees.  Know the coin or know the seller is a motto you will hear a lot here.  This is goes for all coins but even more so for higher value coins.

Joe Sermarini:
If I was a collector buying coins for over $5k, and did not have a lot of confidence in my own ability, even with a guarantee I would get them certified either by David Sear or NGC. I would want a second opinion. For lower value coins, a counterfeiter must make multiple copies to make the effort worthwhile. For low value coins, duplicates will very likely eventually identify even the best of fakes. For a high value coin, a counterfeiter might actually only make one forgery.


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