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Lydia, unpublished coin images wanted.

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I am putting this message in two different sections here on Forvm:

I am currently compiling lists of all the bronze coins of Lydia, assisting an author who will be writing a new corpus of the coinage of Lydia.
I am working through the cities from A onwards and am currently at M (Maeonia, Magnesia etc.)
If you have a bronze coin of Lydia which you believe is
unlisted, and would like it to be included in the new
corpus, could you please send me good images and the
information (weight, size, etc) to me by email ? (helvetica.dane at with the city name as the subject ?
Note: Please check whether your coin is already on
wildwinds, in which case you need not re-send it.

Tom Mullally:
Several emailed.


Thanks Tom, I will go through them in alphabetical order and will let you
know if I have any IDs for them. I am looking in literally hundreds of places
including old pdfs.

In case you missed the thread "Salonina from Magnesia" of the last couple of days, here is an extremely rare Salonina from Magnesia ad Sipylum. Mark Fox was kind enough to confirm the attribution and posted images of another specimen, from a Lanz auction, but mine is much nicer! A third specimen was published by Leake, Supplement to Numismata Hellenica, p.68. For full details please see the aforementioned thread.
- Francis

P.S. Just re-read your initial post - I'll send you the information by email.


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