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Which coins would you stop?

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Hi All,

We talk so often and passionately about the coins we love.  Some from a standpoint of "What an amazing leader" is personified on the coin, some from a "This coin represents one of those incredibly significant moments in time" view, and some from a "It is truly a thing of beauty" positions.  The latter being the main conversation piece in the COTD threads. 

There are of course other reasons for loving your favourite coin.  However, what I want to know is what your antithesis coin is?  If you had a time machine and the ability to make one trip to any time and during that trip you could remove the plans for one coin type, what would that coin type be and why?

The reasons are likely to be mainly "It's plain ugly", but it could just as easily be the removal of that one coin you know that you will never own and you want to take away the frustration.  All reasons for removing the coin from the passage of time are welcome.

Very thought-provoking. I would probably just go back and give the moneyers full sized-planchets.  ;D

well, strictly as a matter of personal taste, the Constantinian era 2 soldiers 1 or 2 standard reverse is really boring, although some of the early quadrans are terribly unimaginative. And the crayon like designs on the Leo/Johannes/Zeno group could go too.
I could do no better myself, as I can only draw a fairly highly sophisitcated stick man at best - like a bad Victory on a Tetricus barb  :laugh:... Joe

Yep, I'm with you on the 2 soldier ones.  Not wanting to upset anyone collecting in this area but I had those in mind as the "most boring" along with the campgates  :laugh:

These are nothing compared to '3 standards' from Nicaiea and the Viminacium 'bull and lion'.
The 'SC surrounded by wreath' is next.


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