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Sandie B:
Hi guys, I found this amazing coin figuring I would be able to ID it from web searches but I haven’t found anything useful. I was told it is Greek (looks like Greek lettering) but other than that I’m stumped 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thurioi, but we need size and weight for attribution (and also because fakes of this type exist).

Din X:
It is published in Counterfeits I Have Known by Rear Admiral O.H. Dodson
Counterfeits I Have Known

The coins condemned  by Dodson (plate in this post) are either transfer die fakes or modern die fakes.
This one is a modern die fake, style, planchet and fabric are wrong.

Lysimachos tetradrachm is a transfer die fake, Athen Tetradrachm most likely, too.

Thurium nad Alexander Tetradrachm + Ahten Drachm (have one) + Smyrna ( I know this obvers only from Arados fake and Korkyra Hybrid forgery, have several of them)  are modern die fakes.

Joe Sermarini:
Fake coin report(s) for any not listed, please.

Din X:
It is published too in Nomismatika Chronika 14 (year 1995).
There page 74.
The author assumes that they are related to Christodoulos, which is nonsense, they are just Greek replicas from modern hand cut dies and much younger than Christodoulos.

Page 73 " would seem save to accept the trade´s conformation that the "tourist fakes" of this firm were struck from dies they had purchased from Christodoulos at some time just before the war."

Christodoulos is famous and so everything related to him is more interesting and expensive than just Greek replicas from unkown maker.


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