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International Shipping of Coin???

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Curtis JJ:
Here is what my "Import Duty" communications/payments have always looked like, attached below. Mine were always described in those terms ("IMPORT DUTY/TAX") in my communications/receipts. I didn't verify that they were using the term correctly or that the items were being properly taxed.

Perhaps antiquities are exempt but not gold? In that case gold antiquities may have to be paid? (My recollection was that I was only charged on the gold/electrum coins.) Each time it's happened to me, it was for ancient Greek gold or electrum coins, as part of an order over a certain value (high value for me).

This one is a shipment from Germany (Gorny & Mosch) to USA in 2019. I've had others (also to USA) from other countries within the past 5 years. Most recent may have been a couple years ago. I think one was also FedEx, but possible they were all DHL.

Joe Sermarini:
All antiques, even gold, are exempt from customs duties if the sender describes them properly.

Curtis JJ:
Good to know, thanks. This must happen when they don't indicate the coins are old, so they get erroneously treated as bullion. I don't have the Customs Declaration associated with the message above (or misfiled it), but I do notice that the Declarations from two others only described them as "collectible coins" without mention of age.

Another reason to be unhappy about sellers failing to properly fill out the paperwork. Looking at the language of the regulations, this also explains the phrase that I sometimes see, "coins over 100 years old."

Jay GT4:
They probably don't want to be too descriptive or else they get "lost"

Hi folks,

Regarding the DHL photos that CJJ posted, I've received a few of those (2 or 3 times).

Tying that in with what Jay wrote, is that a customs tax, or is it a brokerage fee that the private courier uses to process the shipment through customs?



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