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Roman Lead Seal?


Michael P7:
Hi Folks,

I would be grateful for any information on this item, what I believe to be an ancient lead seal.

Composition is lead, size: 22mm square, the obverse is Pegasus facing right and galloping on rising groundline, set on a background of linear circles and contained in a double border frame. The reverse has a tapered oblong fixing which is 5mm long at base tapering to 3mm at top, with width of 2mm. I know that the Romans did use Pegasus on lead seals and if this is one, could it possibly have a connection to Legio XV1 Flavia Firma. They were based in the Euphrates at Samosata in the Roman province of Syria from AD117 to the 4th century and their emblem was Pegasus facing right. My thanks in advance for any enlightenment you can provide. 



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