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Lead Seal with Two Holes, Uncertain Monogram, Caesarea Maritima


Hi, all.  Here is a difficult seal.  I was not sure where to post it since it has clearly been reused as something else.  Any ideas regarding the original monogram ID and later purpose would be appreciated.  I may try to post it in the "other metal antiquities" group also.  Let me know if you think more photos might help!  Thanks, Jimi

Lead Seal
Caesarea Maritima
Late 6th - Early 7th Century CE
Obv: Uncertain block monogram.
Possible letters K (or Y if tuned 90),
B or P.  Upper right almost looks like
an S which is unlikely.
Rev: Uncertain block monogram.
Possible letters Λ (or Y, if inverted).
Pierced with two neatly drilled holes.
23.5 x 21.5 x 3.5mm. 7.59gm. Axis:0 or 180?
Surface find Caesarea Maritima ca.1970's
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