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Lead Tessera Egyptian Cobra Crown? Caesarea Maritima


Hi, all.  Here is another very tiny and difficult lead tessera from Caesarea Maritima.  No idea which is the right way up, but I thought one possibility might be some type of Egyptian crown with a headband and rearing cobra.  In the photo it looks like the ball on the right is separate from the horizontal part, but when the light is turned you can see that they are connected.  The reverse is equally puzzling, perhaps a palm tree trunk and a Greek letter Λ? or Δ? to lower right, with the rest of the design off-flan.  Any ideas or corrections would be appreciated.  Thanks, V-drome

Lead Tessera
Roman 1st-4th Century CE
Obv: Uncertain type.  Egyptian Cobra Crown?
Rev: Uncertain type.  Slightly curved vertical line
with Λ? or Δ? to right.
Pb10.5 x 10 x 1.0mm. 0.65gm.
Surface find Caesarea Maritima, 1971
(click for larger pic)

My tessera gallery with new additions (I have about 20 more to go, all of them in pretty
rough condition, unfortunately):

Adam P:
Hi v-drome,

I can't help with this token but I noticed your BCC LT67 token on your tokens page []. In case you didn't know, that type is described by Oliver Hoover in the article "Ptolemaic Lead Coinage in Coele Syria (103-101 BCE)" available for free on at

Adam P.

Thank you, Adam.  The article is very useful.  This topic was discussed in a post a few years ago and the article was referenced there, along with additional photos of my example.  Your interest is greatly appreciated!

Best regards, Jimi


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