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Is ACE (Ancient Coins for Education) still in existence?

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Is ACE still operational?  The website has a copyright for 2021, but all the topics are for at least a few years ago.  The email given on the website isn't functional.  Does anyone have an email for Mark Lehman?  I've lost my contacts list because of email service carrier changes, and I still have been accumulating coins that I'm not interested in keeping.  Previously, I'd sent them on to ACE, but the last time I shipped out a package, it was returned to me after several months saying that no one had picked it up at the address that I usually used.  I also used to review essays for their contests, but that communication stopped a while back and the associated relevant contact addresses I had also vaporized.  Thanks much.

Joe Sermarini:
We give free coins to teachers. When we had ancient coins for sale, we gave away thousands. Today it is only donated coins. If you donate coins for teachers, we will see they get to teachers.

That’s good to hear.  Thank you Joseph.  Is there a particular address to ship them to?

Joe Sermarini:
PO BOX 1316

Hi Joseph,

Today I sent a shipment of ancients to you at Forum, to be donated to teachers.  Thank  you so much for seeing that they get into the right hands.  It's a wonderful gesture.


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