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Post a pic of you, updated

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Jay G:
Here's a picture from Tiananmen a few years ago.....actually came home with some nice cash coins from the Tang and Ming that were actually not fakes.

Also repatriated a N. Sung coin by tossing it off the Great Wall at Juyong Pass so if anyone finds it, let me know. It is a cash of the Shaosheng Emperor.


Here is a couple of pics of me. The first taken in my army days (or is that daze?) The second is me last winter on one of my 3 motorbikes (an old but much loved Harley sportster)


I like this. Real people!  My puppies want to know how to meet the cute poodle? JonySky

Hi all --

I KNOW I will regret this... Here is me making a visit to my office at the newspaper in a slightly "different" capacity than normal.

Dave R. - dpaul7

Potator II:
Or is it Pope art ?  ;D



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