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Question on Pedigree??

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Jerome Holderman:
I was wondering, at what point does it become appropriate to note Pedigree on a coin. For Example, if you purchase a coin from Forvm, or HJB , obviously that is worth noting, and  if you purchase one from Joe Shmoe on E-bay obviously it is not. But what about the in betweens? Fairly noted E-bay sellers. Or Notable collectors such as Heather Howard or Henrik Agdal? Would these be noted? What about slightly less noted E-bay sellers, or dealers? So far I have not done a real good job of keeping track of where all my coins came from, but am curious as to how othes handle these issues?



I am not sure what is the traditional way of giving pedigree to coins but I know that with military medals they are normally given a pedigree depending on the collection that they came from. The assumption is that the experienced collector knows more about his subject than dealers. The exception is where it has been in a specialist auction, eg. Spinks or Sothebys, otherwise the delaers are pretty much ignored. I presume that something similar applies in the coin world ?

For my own collection I keep a note of where I buy each item but aspire to being one of those collectors that bestows pedigree in the future. With medals I am getting there but with coins I have a lifetime of knowledge to catch up on before I am even close !


I do try to keep track of where they came from, how much paid, etc.

If I bought it from a dealer who includes the flip insert, I usually leave that inside my flip insert.  If I make changes in an attribution, I definitely note that...

I always note the source, date and price on my flips, together with any other info I have on provenance. The one exception is uncleaned as I lose track by the time they're fit for putting in flips.


I'm very interested in the history of my coins, where they come from and so on. They all are part of a long history and not fallen down from heaven. So I'm very glad if I can attribute it to a special collection or collector. But that's not easy! I have only few coins with a small pedigree. Often the dealer is not willing to say more than, it came from a friend of Croatia, or I have it from a well-known collector in Luxembourg, but the name I can't tell you. I think that is not satisfying, but what can I do? I have some coins with wild stories about their origins, but I think these all are fairy-tales! From auction-catalogs I knew, that a coin with an interesting pedigree is much more worth than without!



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