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Wow, Ginolerhino!  Thank you so much for this.  Now when I googled "عبدالله Arabic Weight" I found two sites at that list glass weights and stamps bearing this inscription, both as a name and as an epithet for the Caliphs.  Just perfect!

Best regards, Jimi
Did you meet Richard? He was a friend of mine and I visited him and he me. We used to live about 30 miles apart. I can still hear his very distinctive voice. He offered to conduct my late father's funeral service. His passing was a great loss and I was just leafing through his Numismatic Journey through the Bible earlier today.


Hello Again

This coin was bought alongside some coins I am now fairly certain are modern fakes. This one however I am less inclined to believe is a fake. There is some slight porosity, but other than that I do not catch anything that screams out forgery?

It seems too finely detailed and too thin to me a cast, nothing seems unusual about the strike. Was just wondering if you had some second thoughts?

Pictures alongside Pound coin for scale.


I made a recent post regarding ID of another coin with the same batch. I am fairly confident this coin is a cast fake for the reasons below:
-i am unable to find a reverse with the same design as this
-appearence of what I believe are casting bubbles, notably on the diadem of the portrait and throughout the reverse
-patina seems unaturally uniform
-circular hole on the coin - remnant from the casting process?

I have attached pictures. Unfortunately, no scale available for weight. More coins on a separate posts shortly.

Thank you,
Hi arizonarobin. Nice to see your post. It has been a while. Welcome back!
Ancient Coin Forum / Re: Forum purchase o' the day
« Last post by Joe Sermarini on Today at 10:55:43 am »
Thanks for your order lawrence c. I love the story behind the coin and the man.
Ahhh, YEAH!!!!!

Thanks. :)
New additions today: Niger, and two Philippus I.

047 Pescennius Niger (193-194 A.D.), RIC IV-I 064var., Antioch, AR-Denarius, MONETAE AVG, Moneta standing left, Very Rare! #1

074 Philippus I. (244-249 A.D.), RIC IV-III 0015, Rome, AR-Antoninianus, -/-//II, SAECVLARES AVG G, She-wolf, Romulus and Remus, #1

074 Philippus I. (244-249 A.D.), RIC IV-III 0021, Rome, AR-Antoninianus, -/-//UI, SAECVLARES AVG G, Antelope walking left, #1


Greek Coins / Re: Phillip III Arrhidaeus
« Last post by Curtis JJ on Today at 09:44:32 am »
If this is a fourree (that would explain weight and some details on reverse), I would suspect the obverse test cut was one of the "fake test cuts" placed there by the forgers before it was plated. (Of course, it is possible for a test cut to fail to break the plating.) I know the phenomenon of "fake test cuts" is well documented for Athens tetradrachms:

From CNG [acs Link]
But I've never seen it on an Alexander/Philip III tetradrachm. That would be a really cool discovery, in my opinion.

The question for me: did the forgers cut the cores manually, then plate them, or was the cut actually part of the original die (which would be technically quite impressive!). I'm having trouble finding them with keyword searches, but i had the impression that I'd seen a couple of the owls that looked similar enough to be from the same dies, but I could be imagining that part....
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