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Lucas H:
We've done strategies, books, and mistakes.  There are lots of threads with websites for beginners, but I want to collect them all in one place, and if the thread goes well, stick it to the top.  Please give the link and a description of what can be found there. (no commercial competitors of the Forum with additional informational pages please).  

My top picks I can think of off hand:

General Information Sites

1.  The Forum:  you're already here.  Look around.  Buy something to support our host.

See Ancient Coin Collecting 101 and a series of online articles for the new collector in NumisWiki

2.  Doug Smith's Ancient Coins.  When I started, this was hosted elsewhere.  Now it's hosted by the Forum.  Doug has collect a range of articles to help the beginner and beyond.  I've read, and re-read this site a number of times.

3.  Warren Esty's Ancient Greek and Roman Coins.  An excellent site for the begginer with a range of subjects, and moving from beginner to intermediate articles. Again, I've read, and re-read this site a number of times.

4.  Andrew McCabe's Republican Coins and Books.  An excellent site for Roman Republican coins with articles, lists of books, and a comprehensive database of Republican Coins.  This site has great articles for general information, a guide to books for further reading, and is excellent for identification help on RR coins.

5.  Reid Goldsborough has an excellent site on Athenian Owls, one of the iconic ancient Greek coins.


6.  David Sear's definition page (Numiswiki covers this and more):

Identification Help Sites

1.  The Forum.  With a thread for identification help with sticky topic links to get you started, and resources at Numiswiki for identification help as well.  The thread:

A sticky topic within Identification Help with specific links to identification help sites:

2.  Wildwinds.  A fairly comprehensive database of coins by reference number by our own Helvetica.  I use it to help identify coins, as well as to compare other examples of coins I have.



Magna Graecia Coins...

Coin Project...

Andrew McCabe:
British Museum online catalogue (over 12000 coins) of Roman Republican:

The general British Museum research tool also has thousands of other coins, especially early Roman Imperial:

American Numismatic Society collection search

I welcome Lucas' initiative to locate these A-class websites, which can easily get lost among the mediocrity

Lucas H:
Here are a number of links from previous threads on this board.  I tried to merge the threads, but didn't have luck, so I'm cutting and pasting most of the links here.  Some of these are duplicates from above, and these were older posts, so some of the links may not work.  The members/former members who posted these links appear to have dropped off or not been active at the Forum for some years, so I liberally deleted a number of links from these lists that were easily identifiable duplicates or easily identifiable commercial sites.  Other than the first link, Museum of Countermarks, I can't vouch for most of the rest.  The Museum of Countermarks is a good resource for countermarks however, so I've set it out separate and first from the remainder of the lists.  

Countermark Reference Site: Museum of Countermarks Phillip I coins Bookfinder is great for trying to finder used coin books that are no longer in print, or that you can't afford new. Ed Snible's major effort of translating and putting on-line this reference to Greek Coins English Translation of the 1904 Edition of  "Ptolemaic Coinage" by J.N. Svoronos The metallic composition of some Roman coins - why you can find "rusty" ones!.

Attribution Help



Byzantine Coin Resources
Other Coin Resources


David Atherton:
A few concerning Roman history.

A History of Rome podcast:



And for you lovers of fiction set in ancient Rome:


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