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Fossil with torn label in German


Pekka K:
As far as I can read the label:

.... von Sciessmeister
.... m Hangenden des Flöz
.... 442m - Sohle des
.... nbad in Reckling
.... (gef)unden!

Can anybody help to find more of this?
max. diameter 130 mm, weight 615g.

Pekka K

This is a fossil fern found in a German coal mine in the Ruhrgebiet, probably a mine in the city of Recklinghausen.
The finder was the person responsible for the controlled demolition below ground = Schießmeister (an old name for chief blaster). Sohle = ground, here 442m below surface. Flöz = bed of coal. Hängendes = ceiling (bottom = Liegendes, wall = Anstehendes)

Best regards

Pekka K:

Thank you, this confirms my thoughts about
the origin of this item.

Pekka K


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