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I have managed to collect all of five coins and would like to make a gallery of them. Unfortunately I do not know the first thing about how to make one. Is there anyone who would be kind enough to help me get started?

Thanks in advance,


1. Mouse over Resources in the header menu bar, then click Members' Gallery in the drop down. (step1.jpg)
2. Click the Create / order my albums button.  (step2.jpg)
3. Create your album(s) giving a name for each one. (step3.jpg)
4. Click the Add a Coin button (step4.jpg)
5. Follow the easy instructions any time you want to add photos of coins in your album(s).
I think that these are what you need to get started.

After you have created your galleries, you can announce your new additions and invite people to see making a post at 'The Members' Gallery' board.
Most people create a post there and update it anytime they add something new.


Later on, when you want to show your coins, as I'm sure you will, click on 'Gallery' and then 'my coins'. Then copy the link, e.g. to put in your signature. Mine looks like this:

You can also view one of your albums and copy the link from the address bar to link to thi particular album:

When you want to link to a particular coin, it is a little different:

You can do it like this (not recommended) by copying the link from your browser's address bar:

The reason is that this links to coin 2 (position 0 is the first coin) in album 2187. When you move the coin to another album or change the sort order (other users can change the sort order of your albums!), the link will lead to another coin.

Always use the link foud in a coin's description under 'file information':


This link will work, no matter where you move the coin, as long as you don't delete the coin.

I made a first gallery which I simply titled "Trial". I bought two coins which I had good pictures of, but didn't save the pics so only have smaller pics which came in the confirmation e-mail from the seller. Will have to take new pictures of those coins tomorrow.

I do have pictures of my other not so nice coins, but it's seperate pictures from obverse and reverse. How do I join merge them into one picture?


Thank you both for your help, it's now working like a charm.

.. and may I add here: I have been to many a forum throughout the years, and rarely have I felt as much at home as here. Thanks again.


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