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List of Common Judaean Coin Abbreviations
AJC: Ancient Jewish Coins, by Ya'akov Meshorer.  Two volumes. 1982.
The two books of AJC were predecessors of the single volume TJC.  AJC to this day is often used as a reference for Judaean coins.

BMC (= BMC Palestine):  British Museum Catalog of Greek Coins, vol. xxvii, Palestine, by George F. Hill.  1914.
The BMC series was published in the early 1900s and it included the coins in the collection of the British Museum.  Although this book is quite old and much of the information is out of date, this book is still occasionally cited as a reference for Judaean coins.

Meshorer-Qedar (= CS): The Coinage of Samaria in the Fourth Century BCE, by Ya'akov Meshorer & Shraga Qedar.  1991.
This book was the first major publication of Samarian coinage.  Many unlisted coins were found after the publication of this book, leading to the 1999 publication of "Samarian Coinage".

Gitler and Tal: The Coinage of Philistia of the 5th and 4th Centuries BC: A Study of the Earliest Coins of Palestine, by Haim Gitler and Oren Tal.
This book is considered to be the definitive source for Philisto-Arabian coins.

Hendin (= GBC): Guide to Biblical Coins, 5 editions, by David Hendin.
Hendin's GBC books have long been used due to its straightforward numbering and descriptions.  Although not as detailed as TJC, the GBC series are very popular due to their simplicity and clarity.

HGC 10:  Handbook of Coins of the Southern Levant: Phoenicia, Southern Koile Syria (Including Judaea), and Arabia, Fifth to First Centuries BC, by Oliver Hoover.

INJ: Israel Numismatic Journal.
This is one of the leading Judaean and Southern-Levantine numismatic journals. This journal is run by the INS.

INR: Israel Numismatic Research.
This is one of the leading Judaean and Southern-Levantine numismatic journals.

INS:  Israel Numismatic Society.
This is a leading society of coins of the southern Levant.  This society published the INR annually.

Meshorer-Qedar (= Meshorer & Qedar, SC): Samarian Coinage, by Ya'akov Meshorer & Shraga Qedar.  1999.
This book was an updated version of the 1991 "Coinage of Samaria".  Although many more unlisted Samarian coins have been found to date, this book is considered the definitive book on the coins of Samaria.

SNG ANS (= SNG ANS 6): Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Collection of the American Numismatic Society, 6, Palestine - South Arabia, by Ya'akov Meshorer.
The ANS ANS series published the coins of the American Numismatic Society.  Volume 6 was specifically focused on coins of Judaea, Nabataea and Arabia.  Although this book does not cover the entire series of coinage (as this is only a publication of a collection), this book has many rare and obscure coins that are hard to find elsewhere.

TJC (= Treasury): A Treasury of Jewish Coins, by Ya'akov Meshorer. 2001.
This book was and update of the two-volume AJC.  This book is often cited and this book, along with Hendin's GBC 5, is considered the definitive book on Judaean coinage.  This book is very detailed and has many variants of coins.

List of Common Judaean Coin Authorities and People Mentioned in the BibleYears in parentheses represent time in power.  
I wrote the "Judaean" section directly below.  The rest of the information is from

Yehud (3rd and 4th centuries BCE)
Hasmonean Dynasty (135 BCE - 37 BCE)

* John Hyrcanus I (135 BCE - 104 BCE)
* Judah Aristobulus I (104 BCE - 103 BCE)
* Alexander Jannaeus (103 BCE - 76 BCE
* Mattathias Antigonus (40 BCE - 37 BCE)Herodian Dynasty (40 BCE - 95 CE)

* Herod I (40 BCE - 4 BCE)
* Herod Archelaus (4 BCE - 6 CE)
* Herod Antipas (4 BCE - 39 CE)
* Herod Philip (4 BCE - 34 CE)
* Agrippa I (37 CE - 44 CE)
* Agrippa II (56 CE - 95 CE)
* Herod of Chalcis (41 CE - 48 CE)
* Aristobulus of Chalcis (57 CE - 92 CE)Prefects under Augustus (6 CE - 12 CE)

* Coponius (6 CE- 9 CE)
* Marcus Ambibulus (9 CE- 12 CE)Prefects under Tiberius (15 CE - 36 CE)

* Valerius Gratus (15 CE- 26 CE)
* Pontius Pilate (26 CE- 36 CE)Procurator under Claudius (52 CE - 59 CE)

* Antonius Felix (52 CE- 59 CE)Procurator under Nero (59 CE- 62 CE)

* Porcius Festus (59 CE- 62 CE)First Jewish Revolt (66 CE - 70 CE)
Bar Kochba Revolt (132 CE - 135 CE)

Macedonian and Persian Rulers

* Xerxes (486 BCE- 465 BCE)
* Artaxerxes (465 BCE-424 BCE)
* Darius (522 BCE–486 BCE)
* Cyrus (559 BCE – 530 BCE)
* Alexander the Great (336 BCE–323 BCE)
Ptolemaic Empire

* Ptolemy I "Soter" (323 BCE – 283 BCE)
* Ptolemy III (246 BCE – 222 BCE)
* Ptolemy IV "Philopator" (221 BCE–205 BCE)
* Ptolemy VI "Philometor" (180 BCE - 145 BCE)
* Cleopatra II (131 BCE-127 BCE)
* Ptolemy VIII "Euergetes II" or "Physcon" (182 BCE – 116 BCE)
Seleucid Empire

* Seleucus IV "Philopator" (187 BCE – 175 BCE)
* Antiochus IV "Epiphanes" (175 BCE – 164 BCE)
* Antiochus V "Eupator" (163 BCE–161 BCE)
* Demetrius I "Soter" (161 BCE–150 BCE)
* Alexander "Balas" (150 BCE–146 BCE)
* Demetrius II "Nicator" (145 BCE - 138 BCE)
* Antiochus VI "Dionysus" (148 BCE - 138 BCE)
* Diodotus Tryphon (142 BCE – 138 BCE)
* Antiochus VII "Sidetes" (Euergetes) (138 BCE - 129 BCE)
* Quirinius

* Aretas IV (9 BCE - 40 CE)
Roman Emperors

* Augustus (27 BCE - 14 CE)
* Tiberius (14 CE – 37 CE)
* Claudius (41 CE - 54 CE)
* Nero (54 CE - 68 CE)If you have any more common references or common FAQ questions, leave them below and I will add them to this post.  

I discovered that by the way of a miracle all three volumes of Rosenberger appeared in the New York public library on 42nd street. Might be useful for someone.


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