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Joe Sermarini:
You may have noticed that some members have titles under their names.  Forum Ancient Coins awards these titles to our members in recognition of their expertise, helpfulness to other members and for special achievements.  

Tribunus Plebis (male) or Tribuna Plebis (female) is awarded to our FORVM Member of the Year.  The Member of the Year is determined by a poll of FORVM members held each December.  To be eligible, the member must have been a member the entire year, be one of the top 50 posters, and either hold one or more of the other titles or serve as a moderator.  Only one Tribunus or Tribuna Plebis will be selected each year.  A member that is elected twice will be designated Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus (male) or Tribuna Plebis Perpetua (female) and will be excluded from future election because it is unnecessary.  

Procurator Monetae is the highest honor awarded by the Forum staff.  It is awarded to members with a high degree of numismatic expertise.  A member selected as Tribunus Plebis or Tribuna Plebis will also be awarded the title Procurator Monetae. Most Procurator Monetae will have published numismatic papers or books and will have achieved recognition for achievements outside of this discussion board.

Procurator Caesaris is awarded to members with significant expertise and who are particularly active and helpful to other Classical Numismatics Discussion members.

Imperator Augustus is an administrator for the entire discussion forum.

Imperator is a moderator for an individual discussion board; the title only shows on the board(s) the member moderates.

Censor is awarded to members who are particularly active and helpful on the authentication, fakes, and frauds board.  

Conservator Princeps is awarded to members who are particularly active and helpful on Forum’s Uncleaned Coins board.  

Conservator is awarded to winners of the Conservator prize in one of our Cleaning Contests.  

Magistratus Optima Lege is awarded to the Chairman of our website awards board (elected position).

Comitia Curiata is awarded to members that serve on our website awards board (elected positions).

Parasitica Cliens is someone who visits often and uses the tools of this website and community, but does not contribute significantly to the community, never buys from the Forum Ancient Coins shop, AND who has offended the Forum staff.  All it takes to stop being a Parasitica Cliens is to support Forum - buy something. If you can't buy something let us know and make some other contribution to the community. For example, submit some fake coin reports, or write and article for NumisWiki, upload some maps, or answer some other member's questions if you have the expertise. Parasitica Cliens are blocked from using some features of the discussion board.

Other titles may be awarded based on recommendations of FORVM members or the whims of Forum’s staff.  

To nominate someone for a title, please send your recommendation by email or private message to the Forum Staff.  Do not post nominations on the boards.   If you are nominated, we will look at your 20 most recent posts.  We will only select members for a title if most of their posts are accurate, informative and helpful, demonstrating a significant degree of expertise.  Lots of chat and smiley faces won't count for much (we are looking for quality not quantity of posts).

Hi Joe,

How does one become a moderator?  Are there a set number of moderators for each numismatic category?  What are the moderator's duties other than moving posts?

Joe Sermarini:
To become a moderator you must volunteer.  I haven't ever turned anyone down but I wouldn't approve a new member or someone that has been very controversial in the past. 

There is no limit to the number of moderators.  We would rather have volunteers for the boards that do not already have a moderator or who have an inactive moderator. 

The main function of a moderator is to implement the rules.  The #1 rule is BE NICE.  That means letting people know when you think they have not been nice and sometimes deleting their post.  Also, deleting SPAM and informing admin so we ban the member.  We also hope that moderators will be active answering questions and helping people.  And, yes, moving posts.   

Potator II:
I enjoy being a moderator. Although the french section is not THAT active, I try to browse it at least once a day. It's an occasion to browse the entire forum, see what's going on, lurk around in the catalog.
As stated by Vitruvius, it's a way to give back to forum, even just a little, AND, ... I'm quite proud to be part of it (don't forget the rooster is our symbol  ;D)



--- Quote from: Vitruvius on February 04, 2010, 10:50:29 pm ---It may not be glamorous or exciting, but being a moderator appears to be one way you can give back to the Forum.  Any parties involved are just a bonus!

--- End quote ---

The exact reason why I do it! This is a relativly easy way to give back to the FORVM. As for the party...I thought that Joe flying us out to Vegas for the last one was a bit much...but hey, who am I to tell him!  ;D



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