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Lucas H:
I've recently had private correspondence with a newer Forum member who feels intimidated to ask questions because of the way in which some of his or her basic questions are answered with ridicule.  

Everyone starts somewhere.  I'm no expert, and I've asked some dumb questions.  But, you know what, now I know the answer.  I don't want anyone to be ridiculed to the point they do not feel comfortable asking appropriate questions on appropriate boards.  What may be basic to me, my not be so basic to Mr. McCabe, or Joe, or any number of other experienced collectors and experts.  

That's the beauty of this Forum.  It brings together novices with experienced collectors to enhance everyone's enjoyment of collecting.  Please keep this in mind when you see what may be a simple question, or a question with a simple answer.  

Joe Sermarini:
The number one rule of this board is be nice.  I think it is followed for the most part.  

When you respond to someone's first post or even first few posts, welcome them to the discussion.  If they say they are a new collector, welcome them to the hobby.

Please do not correct people who break the rules in their very first post. We can get them on the right path a little later.  

Sarcasm and jokes don't always go over well in print.  Don't post sarcastic responses or jokes to new members or new collectors.  Our regulars know you and probably will get it, so save it for them.    

Calling a fake a "tourist fake" or "obvious" can be seen as insulting.  Please consider that when posting.  A fake may be obvious to you, but it probably isn't obvious to a new collector.

If you suspect a troll, inform a moderator rather than making an accusation on the boards.

If anyone else has suggestions on how we can make new collectors more comfortable, please share.    

Hugh A. P:
I've been collecting for about 10 years and still consider myself as a newbie.  I have amassed a pretty good collection over this time.  I buy from three sources with Forum being the one I have bought from the most.  I, like Joe was in the Navy so I feel somewhat of a connection and have called and asked his advice a number of times and he has always been AWESOME!!  I have seen though on these boards some really condescending comments toward those who are just getting into the hobby.  Why in the he## would someone be a jack a$$ and be rude?  Help the new collector out.  The fact that not only the U.S, but also many Middle Eastern Countries and European countries are cracking down hard on the hobby we all need to stick together and encourage those who are new.  Don't be that guy!!!!  Some of you have been collecting for decades and can tell the difference between a tooled coin, a fake coin and so on.  I am at the point that I can see these but I still am not sure.  Help each other out!!!!!  Everyone started with that first coin that the bought.  Remember that!!!!!   

Joe Sermarini:
When you see a rude post, please report it to the moderator. We can delete the rude post and/or remind the member to be nicer.

Eric C2:
Well, I guess I am one of those new guys to ancient coin collecting.

I promise to be nice to everyone, both now and in the future.

Thanks for this great forum.


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