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Joe Sermarini:
New Collectors:

Welcome to a fascinating new hobby. If you are interested in learning more about ancient coins, you have found the right place. Browsing the old threads in this section of the discussion is a great place to start. You may notice many terms on the discussion board are in blue text. Blue text indicates a link. Click on the links to find definitions, references, articles, coins for sale and other information. For example, click on Ancient Coin Collecting 101 to read our NumisWiki articles written for new collectors.

Please ask questions. Don't be shy. No question is too silly or basic here.  

Experienced Members:  

Answers to questions should be written for beginners.
 - If they are new to the boards, welcome them.
 - Encourage new collectors.
 - Keep it simple.
 - Stay on topic.
 - Stick with broadly accepted ideas. - the new collector board is not the place to debate.
 - Understand a new collector's interest is likely only casual. Do not describe collecting ancient coins as complicated or requiring extensive study or dedication. Do not tell them they need to buy a library of books. Not everyone wants to become an expert. If you are one of our active experienced members, please understand that most collectors will never reach your level of interest in ancient coins. Some people enjoy ancient coin collecting without ever learning how to authenticate or attribute coins.  


This board should include only threads that will be most helpful to new collectors. More advanced or specialized questions and discussions should be moved to other boards by the moderators.  


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