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Joe Sermarini:
If you are a registered customer and purchase coins, you will automatically receive a FORVM dollars rebate, good for up to 50% off future purchases from our catalog. You can register during checkout and get a FORVM dollars rebate with your first purchase. 

The amount of FORVM dollars you will receive will depend on how much you buy and how often you shop (it is calculated based on a secret formula). Your FORVM dollars balance will be provided on each receipt and each time you log into My FORVM. 

FORVM dollars on your account will be automatically applied when you make a purchase. You don't need to do anything but shop and checkout.

FORVM dollars can only be applied to purchases from our regular fixed price shop. FORVM dollars cannot be used to pay for eBay auctions, Members' auctions, purchases form FORVM on any of our other websites, coin show sales or other FORVM sales. Reserve and layaway orders do not earn FORVM dollars. Auction orders, orders from our our other shops, and coin show buys do not earn FORVM dollars. Orders paid in full or in part with store credit do not earn FORVM dollars. If you immediately place another order and then ask us to combine shipping, we may take off the Forum dollars. They are supposed to apply to your next order, not the same order split in half.

Unused FORVM dollars will expire 90 days after your last order.

The more you shop and the more you buy the larger the FORVM dollars rebates you will receive. Shop often and buy lots of coins!

Joe Sermarini 

Joe Sermarini:
FORVM Dollars and Returns - All Forum dollars on an order are deducted from the refund for any return from that order.  For example, if you order 10 coins on an order and the Forum dollar discount on the order is $10 and you return only one coin (or two, three, or nine), the entire $10 discount is subtracted from the refund or credit amount. You don't get the Forum dollars back (but you did earn more Forum dollars just for buying the coins you are returning).


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