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OK, just for fun, some questions about your gallery.  Post links to your gallery along with the answers.

What is your most viewed coin?  Is it your favorite coin?  If not, which coin is your favorite?

Which coin are your surprised has so few views?

Which coin have you paid the most to acquire?  (Don't tell us prices)

My most viewed is my VRBS ROMA & no, it isnt my favorite coin.

Surprised with the least views is probably my Trajan Decius, which I think is a very nice coin overall.

Most expensive was for sure my first roman republic, L. Valerius Flaccus. But its a beauty and was worth every $.

Since I  re-styled my tetradrachms gallery my most viewed is palm behind owl New Style , but in reality the Kyme Amazon/Horse tetradrachm would be the leader. It isn't my favourite my last one is because it is the most interesting and it was me who spotted it's potential as a new type of reverse without the "Rudder" symbol and a possible (?) signed coin.  It is the coin that is the youngest in my gallery, but I would have thought it would have garnered more interest.

My most expensive..New Style "Bust of helios", which would have been smashed if yesterday's  CNG " King Mithradates of Pontus" hadn't realised double my maximum bid. Gnash!

My Romans are truely neglected, but my neice is going to re-photograph all my coins for me soon and my galleries will start afresh.


Most viewed:-
A Vespasian denarius, 215 views. Not my favourite or even in my top 50.

My personal favourite:-
A Probus from Lugdunum. Though it was tough to pick just one.

I have many coins with relatively low view counts but the following has 20 and for some reason I thought would have had more. An unlisted symbol pair on a Papius, Gryphon type.

The most I paid for a coin is the following Tetradrachm from Kyme :-


This is my most viewed coin. It's also one of my favorites because of the splendid portrait of Vespasianus.

The most I paid for a coin is probably this one from Galba (although it wasn't that expensive for this quality).


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