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Joe Sermarini:
I just updated the NumisWiki list of Byzantine numismatic references.

Please take a look.  Corrections and additions appreciated.  

I am short two on the list:
Morrisson, C.  Catalogue des Monnaies Byzantines de la Bibliothèque Nationale.  2 Volumes.  (Paris, 1970).
Spahr, R.  Le monete siciliane, dai Bizantini a Carlo I d' Angio (582 - 1282).  (Zurich, 1976).

Please let me know if you see either offered for sale.


--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on March 05, 2011, 08:26:45 pm ---Please take a look.  Corrections and additions appreciated. 

--- End quote ---

I have in my library the following books which are not mentioned in your list.
Please find below their titles as well as some comments.

1. D.M. Metcalf:  Coinage in the Balkans 820-1355
This is a 286 pages book, full of information concerning the development of monetary economy in the region. Not suitable for beginners. It has 15 plates with coins depicted but it is a study book and not a refference book. I rate it as very good.
2.  S. Boutin: Monnaies des Empires de Byzance (2 volumes)
Actually this is a detailed description of the famous Nadia Kapamadji collection of Byzantine coins. The first volume provides, in 176 pages, a detailed description of the collection and the second volume comprises of 73 plates of the coins analyzed before. I wouldn't call it an important addition to ones Byzantine library.
3. H. Longuet: Introduction a la Numismatique Byzantine.
A 158 pages book, introductory as its title indicates.
The surprise here comes from 24 extremely high quality plates where some very interesting coins are presented.
4. Konstandin Dochev:  Coins and Currency in Tirnovo. In Bulgarian language but who cares!!
This is an absolutely must have for any collector interested in late Byzantine period.
The book offers 64 tables with excellent drawings of the majority of the copper coins  issued between the reign of Alexius I and John V Paleologus.

Hope it helps


Joe Sermarini:
Thanks tk.  Please note that NumisWiki is a Wiki and you can add them yourself directly to the NumisWiki page.  I added them already. 

I added the Metcalf book.  No copies are on the market now.  I may actually have it already but it is not with my Byzantine books.   

Boutin was on the list. 

I added Lonquet and bought a copy from Charles Davis.

I added Dochev and bought a copy from

Excellent list. There are still a number of important titles that need to be added, old and new; I'll try to make a list tomorrow and add it there directly. One questions though: seeing that you've included a few major auction catalogs, are we aiming at those as well, because the list is quite long and I suggest we make a separate section. I pretty much have info on all major sales.

Joe Sermarini:
I'm curious to see what you add.  I think I listed most of what I have (but not the auction catalogs). 

Yes, I think the auction catalogs should be listed separately. 

If the list of non-auction references gets much longer, we might want to break it down into catagories too.  Prehaps into primary and secondary.  Or maybe we should add stars after them:  ***** for primary references to * flawed or dated but still useful. 


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