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Joe Sermarini:
Frequently Asked Questions about the Member's Gallery...

Joe Sermarini:
I've just tried to start another album in my gallery, but can't seem to figure out HOW to add to that album.  Also, a coin I meant for the new album was put into another.  How do I move coins from one album to another?  Now that I've posted a lot of coins, I'd to organize them a bit in new albums.  Any help appreciated.

First make sure you are in administration mode. Then click the My coins button from the tool bar. Next to each album there will be a button that says edit pics. Click on that. Now the album title line on each coin should have a drop down menu where you can select the correct album, then at the bottom of the page click save changes. and the coin will be moved. same goes for adding new pics. When you go to upload the album title will default to your original album, but there should be a drop down that will allow you to change it.

Joe Sermarini:
How do I change the order of coins in an album? 

Coins are listed in alpha-numeric order by the title.  To change the order, you must change the coin titles. 

If you want to begin your coin titles with a number (to arrange them by RIC number for example), use preceding spaces to ensure the coins display in numerical order.  If you do not use spaces, 1, 2, 10, 12, 100, would be arranged in the following order 1, 10, 100, 12, 2.  If you enter three spaces before each single-digit number, two spaces before each two-digit number and one space before each three-digit number the coins will display in the desired order. 

Joe Sermarini:
I have rephotographed many of my coins that are in my gallery and would like to switch out the old pictures with the new ones.  I haven't found a way to do this. Is it possible? I would prefer to not have to rewrite all the info and to also keep the comments.

The software does not include an option to replace photos.  If you want to do a mass replaceplacement, you can mail us a CD and we will upload the new photos.  Each photo must have the same file name as the photo it will replace.

Joe Sermarini:
Is there a maximum number of coins in a gallery or a maximum number a member can list?

No, we encourage you to upload photos of your entire collection.  More is better!


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