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Hi all
Because it takes up so much time to scroll down the enormous (and still growing) list of coins of e.g. Constantine, on wildwinds when you are checking the ID of a coin, I have added a list of clickable mint names along the top.
However, I have my Windows / screen resolution set to a relatively low resolution (it's better for my eyes) so although the size of the mint names are fine for me, it occurred to me that they may be too small for most people. So could I ask some of you to have a look at the page and tell me whether the size of the mint cities lines are too small ? Ok? Please "do not adjust your set", look at the page with your normal settings. I will check back here tomorrow and if the majority of you want the lines a tad larger, I will alter the html accordingly.

Is it useful ?
I may add the function to the pages of other emperors
Thanks !

wandigeaux (1940 - 2010):
I think it is very useful, and that the size of the mint city line is fine.  George S.

James Anderson:
I have a 24 inch monitor set to a resolution of  1920 x 1080 pixels, which makes for small print. I have no trouble at all reading this-Jim A

I will make use of the feature for 1440x900 it looks fine to me as well.


Simple and useful. It looks fine to me.



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