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Perhaps I can start an "Antiquity of the Day" thread (AotD) - let's see.

This little chap is a recent acquisition - well not so little, as he stands 9 inches tall.

He comes from the Northern Qi (or Ch'i) period, a dynasty that ruled Northern China 549-577 AD, before being overrun by the Northern Zhou.

His right hand is drilled to take a banner or a weapon and I am tempted make a little flag for him! He has also been rolling in the mud, but the dirt is quite soft and I have removed some.

Wow, he's in great shape!

Wonderful! Congratulations on the beautiful addition!  :)

OK, anyone ready for another AotD?

This neat bowl (I'm sure there is a 'proper' name for it) is from Graecia Magna (i.e. southern Italy) from around 4th century BC. The vital statistics are 3" high, 4.5" across the bowl and 8" across the handles.

It may be stating the obvious - or perhaps it's not - that the face of the 'Lady of Fashion'  is not painted onto the bowl, rather that it is outlined by the black paint and plus there a couple of splodges of white paint for decoration.

Apulia was the leading South Italian vase painting tradition between 430 and 300 BC. Of the circa 20,000 surviving specimens of Italian red-figure vases, about half are from Apulian production, while the rest is from the four other centres of production, namely Paestum, Campania, Lucania and Sicily. This includes, of course, the much more lavish (and expensive) kraters, etc.

I'd call it a squat skyphos.  P.L.


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