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Fake Hannibaliannus

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Potator II:
I eventually found a new specimen struck (cast) with the same dies as the example at the begining of this post, sold by a famous seller in Paris, on his website. I informed the seller of a problem with the coin and pointed him to this thread. He told me he had bought it from a high end collector. The coin has been withdrawn from the website by the dealer, showing his professionnalism.


Flav V:
How many coins with this or these dies were sold by sale houses? I post those two coins:

No doubt a rhetorical question, Flav V, but evidence suggests that there is at least a fair handful of modern forgeries of the Hanniballianus.  I'm pleased to see that in one of the links you just cited that there was an apt condemnation comment left with a link to a Forvm Fake Coin Report.  

Your posting raised my awareness of this topic, of which I was unfamiliar.  I just posted my own Hanniballianus coin of the same type in a personal gallery and reviewed the thread with great interest.  Mine has different dies, as well as coming from a reputable dealer, and I still judge it to be authentic.

I also compared some of the fakes of Vetranio and Aelia Flaccilla cited in the thread to my own. An educational, if somewhat scary, exercise.  

Flav V:
Yes, a lot of modern forgeries... still sold actually.


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