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Joe Sermarini:
Did you know you can work for Forum and get paid in denarii.  Well, sort of... we actually pay in FORVM dollars, which you can use to buy denarii. You can use FORVM dollars to pay for up to 50% of any purchase from FORVM. In other words, if you have $20 FORVM dollars credit and you buy a $30 coin, you can use $15 of your FORVM dollars toward the purchase. Forum Dollars expire in 90 days, but only if you have not purchased anything from Forum for 90 days. If you place an order at least once every three months, your FORVM dollars will never expire. So, you may be asking, how do I earn these FORVM dollars?

Refer someone to FORVM and on their first order they put your name and email address in the comments and note that your referred them, you get $10 in FORVM dollars.

Find a coin in our catalog attributed incorrectly (a significant error), we pay $10 in FORVM dollars.

Find an error in a coin description get $3 for the first coin and $1 for each coin of the same type with the same error.

Find a broken link, typo, spelling error or other error and get $3 in FORVM dollars. This does not apply to the Discussion Board, NumisWiki, Gallery, Fake Coin Report or Hosted Sites (material not created by Forum).

Adding fake coin reports - $2 FORVM dollars each if you submit 25 or more in a month. Note, you don't need expertise to submit fake coin reports. Simply go through the threads on the discussion board, find confirmed fakes that have not yet been added to the fake coin reports and add them. To claim your Forum dollars send us an email with your total at the end of the month (email, not private message, and at the end of the month only).  

Submit an article related to ancient coins or history on NumisWiki and we may pay you up to $100 Forum dollars. To receive Forum dollars, your article must be original, references cited, and include a minimum of one full page of text. Most articles will earn $50 Forum dollars. We may pay up to $100 Forum dollars for a longer, well-written, entertaining and informative article. We prefer articles use coin photographs from our catalog or the author's own collection. If any photographs are obtained from other sources, the author must obtain permission from the owner of the image and note the permission on the NumisWiki page. We may edit your article and we decide how much we will pay. To claim your Forum dollars for a NumisWiki article, please include your name on the NumisWiki page and send us an email to let us know you have added the article to NumisWiki.

To use your FORVM dollars, just place an order. They will automatically be deducted from your order.  FORVM dollars do not apply to auctions or orders placed anywhere but our catalog. There are no limits on the amount of FORVM dollars you can earn or use but they do expire after 90 days.

Corrections, etc. should be emailed to Articles should be added to NumisWiki and then send us an email. Please do not use a discussion board personal message to me to claim FORVM dollars.  

What about attributing a unattributed coin in the catalog, or is that for the person who buys the coin to do?

Joe Sermarini:
We sell unattributed coins because people like to buy unattributed coins.  Most of the unattributed Roman we could attribute, then copy and paste an old description, modify if necessary, and put in the catalog attributed all within a minute or two.   We really don't need help with them.  


About a week ago, i made a Numiswiki article.  Do i get F$ for that? If so, where does it say how much i have?  Thank you for the clariication,


Ask Joe beforehand if you'll get anything and how much it will be.
It's not an automatic process and Numiswiki, being a 'Wiki' is something collectors do for collectors,
not something you get paid for.



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