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Eduardo G:
Hello, please can you help me identify this coin. Thank you so much!

first coin: 5.6 gr , 17.3 mm

Welocome to Forvm Eduardo,

Please familiarize yourself with Forvm rules.

Repost the coins i removed in seperate topics; Please do not post groups of coins unless you have a group of coins that are all the same exact type.   

Good luck!

Jan P:
Hello Eduardo,
Your coin should be a Paisa from Awadh. Possibly a bit of a rare type, because I cannot find one with the matching reverse on the www.

Eduardo G:
Hello Jan P, thank you very much!!

Jan P:
Hello Eduardo,

Here is a correction on my previous message:
I think, your coin is the Half Paisa of Shah Alam II, year 1215 AH (instead of the 1217 of this image). Yes, Awadh State.


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