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Vladislav D:
If anyone can help me with this iron dagger/sword here or recommend the appropriate forum. Not sure what it is . It is similar in appearance to the Roman dagger pugio , but without the riveted hilt. Presumably found in Ukraine.
Weight -     495,0 grams.
Length -       38,5 cm.
Thanks in advance .

Very little corrosion. Ancient???

Vladislav D:

--- Quote from: djmacdo on October 08, 2023, 04:51:00 pm ---Very little corrosion. Ancient???

--- End quote ---
I bought several confirmed to be genuine akinaks from this guy. So I hope that and this blade is ancient  :) . It appears to have been some kind of restoration/conservation work done . It is coated with some substance that leaves a black residue on your hands if you holding blade too long . The seller said that it is coated with microwax.
Best Regards

Jay GT4:
Can we see the side of the pommel?  It looks like a Deepeeka  pugio replica

Vladislav D:
I believe Deepeeka replica have two piece handle . But I don’t know for sure, maybe only those that I saw in image search :)


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