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Good afternoon all, I hope you are well. This oil lamp came in a mixed box of artefacts most of which seem pretty genuine to me but I am going to spend some time going through and trying to verify. I'd love opinions on this oil lamp if possible. Thanks as ever.


Hi, Stuart.  The lamp purports to be a Roman "angular volute" type of the 1st-2nd century CE.  My concerns about this lamp arise from the style and possibly excessive details of the motif, along with the seemingly artificial application of the wear pattern.  The raised lip around the wick hole also seems unusual.  Again, I am not the main expert (or really any expert at all) on this subject, and hopefully others will weigh in.  Good luck!

Evening V-drome, thank you for your reply. I have to be honest and say it was purchased from an auction house on line so I was unable to view the box of items in real life and the auction house didn't even picture this lamp, so effectively it's a free hit as it were. I
understand your concerns and I must admit the detail on the horse motif seemed a little excessive given some of the examples I had found on line. Thank you for the link you posted aswell there are some lovely examples posted on it :)

The motif is Pegasus but I'm afraid your lamp is very clearly a modern replica. As you will see from V-drome's link, it bears only a very superficial resemblance to real Roman lamps.

Glad to hear it was basically a freebie!  :)


Hi David.  Thanks for weighing in.  Always nice to hear from you. 

Best regards, Jimi


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