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Terra Sigillata Bowl Fragment with Bird and Tendrils Caesarea Maritima


Hi, all.  Here is a nice pottery fragment from Caesarea Maritima, reposted in my gallery with a better photo.  I have been trying to learn the proper terms with which to describe the decoration on these interesting pieces, along with any interpretations of the meaning and significance of particular designs.  My main source so far has been the British Museum Collections online and their descriptions of similar bowls.  Any other suggestions for references, interpretations, and corrections to my text will be appreciated, as always.  Thanks, Jimi (V-drome)

Roman Pottery Fragment
Caesarea Maritima
1st-3rd century CE
Roman earthenware red-slip fragment (terra sigillata) with bird and floral
decorative motifs.  Row of rounded chevrons with egg and dart pattern
above.  Below, tendrils terminating in a flower bud and rosette.  Within scroll,
bird standing on zig-zag line above a field of "arrow heads".  Moulded and
wheel made, the interior shows light turning lines, and worn slip on exterior
highlights.  6.0 x 4.3 x 0.65cm.  18.52gm.  Surface find from the sand dunes
south of Caesarea Maritima, ca. 1970.
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