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Gepids Brooch, Enameled, Nearly Complete



Copper alloy; 34mm/4.0gm - ca. late 5th Cent

Over the years, I've only received a few Gepid brooches and all were broken and missing the closer assembly.
This one is nearly complete and shows how they worked. Description/ Fabricated in a two parts:

Part One - The raised dome, two lugs and the tiny barrel-shaped pin connector (cast flat) were all cast at the same time. After which, the red and white enameling was added.

Part Two - Brooch connector -  Another thin copper alloy sheet was then cast, one end was only 1mm round to go into the end of the barrel-shaped pin connector. The rest was flattened, bent and curved to be added later for use. The 1mm end was then added to the flat barrel-shaped pin connector and crimped closed to hold it firmly in place. Once done, a final pin was added to the top of the brooch. See the last photo. Sadly, the final attachment piece is missing.

Thanks for looking!


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