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Pottery Cup or Small Bowl Red-Orange Clay Brown Painted Eagle Flag Waves

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Joe Sermarini:
Another one of 7 pottery pieces from Alex Malloy sitting in my cabinet unidentified for more than 10 years.  7.7cm (3") tall, 10.9cm (4 1/4") diameter. I always thought I would bump into something with similar decoration eventually, but it has not happened yet. Anyone know the origin and date, references? Thanks.

Virgil H:
I wish I could be more helpful, but this reminds me maybe of new world pottery. I don't know if he had worldwide material.


Joe Sermarini:
I don't think he sent me any new world pottery.

Pekka K:

To my eye it looks most like Elamite pottery:

Pekka K

Joe Sermarini:
Could be. I will look into that.


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