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How to Add a Coin to BOT Gallery?


Virgil H:
So, I have a coin that I think deserves to be in the BOT gallery. Do I have to make a new entry in that gallery? Or, can I somehow use my already existing gallery entry? I would much prefer to use the existing listing because it has a number of comments. I also feel it would be redundant, especially for those people who have commented. Not a big deal, just curious. From what I could see, I have to create a new entry and probably won't do it if that is the case.


Hi Virgil,

For various reasons it is better if you make a new upload for the BOT gallery and just keep your existing file, complete with its comments, in your own personal gallery. Your BOT gallery entry will no doubt collect new comments of its own, especially since more people generally visit the BOT gallery than an individual member's personal gallery.


Virgil H:
Thanks, Alex.

I may do that because it is really a cool coin and deserves more notice. That type isn't in BOT at all. I guess I didn't want to dilute the comments, but like I said, not a huge deal.



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