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Eros Riding Dolphin, Gold on Silver Jewelry Inlay


Hi, all.  Here is a beautifully detailed, very tiny Eros on dolphin from the sand dunes at Caesarea Maritima.  I am guessing it was part of a ring or other jewelry, but any ideas are welcome.  What is the proper terminology and description for a piece like this,  on-lay, inlay, appliqué, or other?  The thin layer of gold covers a rough interior of silver, or possibly lead.  Thanks for any references or information.


Gemstone or Jewelry Inlay
Caesarea Maritima
1st-3rd Century CE?
Gold-covered silver or lead appliqué of Eros riding
on a Dolphin, head missing, remnants of wings.
Length 7.5mm.  Wt: 0.11gm. 
Surface find Caesarea Maritima, 1971
(click for larger pic)


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