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I have put together a number of charts summarising the commoner types of Late Roman/Early Byzantine scale weights, organised basically along the lines of Entwistle's classification.
The first of these charts is attached below - if people are interested I can add the others.

Ross G.

P.S. This is a fairly large file, so you may need to reset your (browser) zoom to optimise the image size for viewing. Or alternatively save the image off for easier viewing.

Revised 12 May 2023:  Semissis and Tremissis weights added (not in Entwistle or Bendall but fairly common in Pondera).

Revised 19 July 2023:  Treatment of small types expanded.

Beautiful!  Thank you, Ross.

Joe Sermarini:
More, please.

Virgil H:
You should make a Numiswiki page out of these, too. Great stuff.


Here is chart II.

Ross G.

Edited  23 May '23


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