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Islamic Weight 1 Dirham with Arabic Inscription


Hi, all.  Here is another small bronze weight that I am having trouble reading.  If the letter in the center is an "F", maybe Jafar?  If it is a "WAV" I am not sure what it could be.  I found no parallels in Holland's papers.  Apologies for the photo, this is as clear as I have been able to get.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks, Jimi

Islamic Bronze Weight
Caesarea Maritima  1 Dirham
7th-12th Century CE
Obv: Arabic inscription in a circular punch-mark.   
Rev: Blank.  Rectangular brick-shaped slab in the
form of two truncated four-sided pyramids set base
to base.  Cut with a chisel from a thick sheet of metal,
with file-adjustment or finishing marks on the edges. 
Minor encrustations.  Uncleaned, with green, and black patinas.
AE 9.75 x 9.0 x 5.0mm.  Wt: 2.89gm
see also: Holland, W.W.O.C.M., ch.8; and Holland, "ANSMN 31 (1986)"
Surface find Caesarea Maritima, 1970's

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