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A few new coins in each of my 3 galleries (Provenance, Captives, Animals)

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Curtis JJ:
I'll collect almost any ancient coin type I can get my hands on, but most of them seem to fall into the three areas below. I've added a couple more to each in the past few days (looks like 37 photos total now):

(1) Modern History of Ancient Coins: Plate Coins & Old Collections: [LINK]

- Vespasian AR Denarius, Vesta, ex Archer Huntington Collection (with the museum tag):
One of the coins that the American Numismatic Society & Hispanic Society of America fought over for years...

- Pelinna AR Obol, from BCD Thessaly I, Pozzi coll., "Man in Love with Art" (Al-Thani):
I have a BCD sub-collection. Where did it come from, where did it go? (My external BCD Annotated Bibliography: [website LINK].)

(2) Barbarians, Captives, and Enemies on Roman Coins ("BCE Collection"): [LINK]

- "The Dreadlocked Gallia," Hostilius Saserna Denarius:
This obverse die is just so haunting. I really believe she's a real person, one of the Gallic captives brought back to Rome by Caesar.

- Valens AE3 GLORIA ROMANORVM, 2 Crosses, CONSĪ” (RIC IX 41b.7) -- or imitation thereof:
Either a rare type or an imitation. (Does RIC 41b.7 even exist?)
Roman Imperial "captives" coinage had begun to use Christian vs. Pagan imagery in the mid-4th century, rather than just Emperor/Army vs. Barbarian.
Possibly the best $2.11 I've spent!

- "Rape of the Sabines," Founding Myth of Rome, on Titurius Sabinus Denarius:
Rome's founding myth involved taking captives to build their society, so it should be no surprise that images of captives, prisoners of war, and slaves became central to their Imperial propaganda in later centuries.

(3) Animals & Mythical Creatures: [LINK]

- Antestius Denarius, 146 BCE, Dog Running (Water Spaniel w/ "Lion Cut"?):
The dog just looks so happy!

- Athens Owl AR Tetradrachm, Ex Berk FPL #2 (1974) & Weaver FPL #2 (1975):
Purchased in 2019, but I found it in an old Douglas Weaver list from 1974 (a catalog I had bought as a BCD Library Duplicate, and was originally addressed to coin dealer Henry Christensen!).

Nice group of coins ... +++


Jay GT4:
Agreed!  Great additions

Virgil H:
All are nice, the dog Antestius coin is simply amazing. I have one, but not as nice.


Curtis JJ:
I've added a few more gallery coins (and a new gallery, four total now):

"Plate Coins & Old Collections":
Phrygia, Grimenothyrai AE23, published in Lindgren, vA Phrygiens II, RPC (ex Lindgren, Burstein, Drewry):
"Plate Coin" from Galst's Ophthalmologia in Nummis (Skione Hemiobol):

Re: that last one, I've also added two new Numiswiki articles.
I didn't personally know Jay Galst (1950-2020), but I'm sure some here did. (If I missed anything important or got anything wrong, please don't hesitate to edit the entry or let me know.) But I had a writeup and many references in my "provenance glossary," so I added entries for him and his 2013 book with P. van Alfen:
Jay M. Galst:
Ophthalmologia Optica et Visio in Nummis:

Barbarians, Captives, and Enemies on Roman Coins:
Vespasian Judaea Capta AE As (Scarce "IVDEA" Spelling), ex Bressett & Salton:

Animals & Mythical Creatures:
Numidian Horse Leaping:

Greek (Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic):
A new category I plan to add more to...
Alexander III Tetradrachm, Amphipolis (Price 133):
Alexander III AV Stater (Pregnant Nike?):
Syracuse Tetradrachm, Unpublished (Unique?) Die Combination:


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