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Many years ago I was on chat with an american from Ohio ,
we had nothing in common just passing the time of day.
I mentioned roman coins,and he became very interested.
After a few days he mentioned he collected arrowheads
so we made a deal I would send him a few coins and he
would send me an arrowhead , so I sent him a couple of
constantines  and waited for his reply, true to his word about
two weeks later I received a parcel , It contained the two
items pictured one arrowhead and one spear point.
That was 30 years ago and they have been stored away
all this time , I would love to know a bit more about them.


A previous thread contained the following link to a pretty comprehensive site about projectile points.  While it seems to target the Oklahoma region, the types may bleed across into other geographic regions.


Virgil H:
I posted that link and it covers more than Oklahoma, I was interested in that state, but the site has a map and you can click on a state. You can go to a home page there to get out of the Oklahoma listings. There is overlap as Craig said, as well. Both of yours are nice points. I think the first one is a scraper, second one is an arrow or spear point, I think, depending on its size. I am not an expert by any means, but have spent some time looking at that site for the projectile points my grandfather found 100 years ago.


Thank you for your replies ,Craig and Virgil , I am a complete novice
on the subject ,You call it a scraper ?


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