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Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether there is an overview of sasanian gold coinage available somewhere. And I am particularly interested to get your views on what is most common/affordable. I would love to get a couple of gold coins of sasanian kings but following a quick search they seem to be in the $7k range. Would be helpful to know what I could aim for with my budget.

Many thanks,

Tracy Aiello:
Hello Kingston,

Although not strictly about Sasanian gold coins per se and not containing price points, you might consider consulting Rika Gyselen’s New Evidence For Sasanian Numismatics: The Collection of Ahmad Saeedi (Bures-sur-Yvette: Le Groupe pour l'Etude de la Civilisation du Moyen-Orient, 2004). This work catalogs 95 different Sasanian gold coins in addition to 314 silver coins.

All the best,


Thanks for your reply, I will try to track it down.

Regarding price, I suppose I wanted to get a general idea as to whether it could be realistic to obtain a gold sasanian coin in good condition below, say, $3k, or if they were systematically above that.

Tracy Aiello:
Hi Kingston,

I'm sorry, but I can't assist with any advice regarding gold Sasanian coins and price. I'm not at all familiar with them or their price points.


Kaveh A:
One of the best source research for Sasanian gold coinage is the book of collection of Ahmad Saedi which contains hundreds of best and rarest examples of Sasanian gold coins.
And, it is very unlikely to find a Sasanian gold coin for bellow $3k, unless it’s in a poor condition, if you are lucky, you might get a Sasanian gold dinar of Peroz I or Khusrau I in an average condition in the auction below $2500.


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