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My Newest Addition


Just picked this piece up from the "after sale" list from a prominent US based dealer in coins and antiquities.

The description as per the seller:  Judean Terracotta Oil Lamp; Iron Age, ca. 1200 BC.  Hand made lamp of saucer shape with edge of one side pinched to form a spout. Soot marks remain on the spout. W. 5"


Hi Craig, very nice.  I am not the expert but it certainly looks good, to me.  Here is a page from RomQ Reference Collection.
Regards, Jimi

Thanks Jimi.

The firm I bought it from is considered above reproach in its antiquities offerings.


Jay GT4:
Great early lamp.  I really like these ones.

I just got an LMLK seal jar handle, but haven't had time to photograph it yet.


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