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Barbarous Tetricus with runic inscription?

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I bought this barbarous imitation of Tetricus few years ago, because there is a strange legend on it, which looks like runic inscription.
Could it be runic inscription, or common barbarous legend imitating latin?

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And reverse...

Lech Stępniewski:
I am pretty sure that whoever made this coin knew neither the Latin alphabet nor the runes. And he also had no artistic talent either.

There may be a runic symbol or two among the gibberish.  Runic symbols existed long before they coalesced into a writing system.  But I think most probably all is just gibberish.

Lech Stępniewski:

--- Quote from: djmacdo on August 19, 2022, 03:41:56 pm ---There may be a runic symbol or two among the gibberish.

--- End quote ---

Some runes are so simply that it is hard to find a barbarous coin which hasn't such "runes" in legend.


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