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Virgil H:
So, I just started my gallery, and I am trying to figure it out. I am starting with my Elymais coins of which I have 26 at present (including duplicates). First two are up.

I am trying to keep these pretty concise and not including a lot of historical info. I am a bit torn on this, because I like it when people include it, but for now less seems to be better.


Nice start Virgil, I can't wait to see more.
It's always nice to see the Member's Gallery grow.  🙂

~ Peter

Jay GT4:
Yes, nice start!

Hi Virgil,

Nice to see another gallery being added to FORVM.

I must point out though that the browser links to your coins that you provided are unstable, you should use the links as described here.

I have adjusted the links to your coins in the post above for you.


Ron C2:
Great start Virgil, very well done! It's about time you join in the fun!!


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