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Titus from Antioch arrived today

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Jay GT4:
I've been after a Flavian aureus for a very long time.  Finally got one last month and it arrived today

It has been proposed that the cow depicted on this type is one of the famous statues by the fifth century BCE Greek sculptor Myron. Myron's statues were brought to Rome by Augustus and were placed in the temple of Apollo on the Palatine in 28 BCE. Vespasian moved them to the new Temple of Pax that he began constructing in 71 CE, to celebrate the end of the Jewish War.

Although I have had many gold coins before and still have a Koson stater in much better condition, there is something about holding a First century Flavian aureus in your hands.  Simply amazing.  Some scratches in the field but they don't detract and aren't noticeable in hand.

Thanks for looking!

Virgil H:
That is stunning.


Tracy Aiello:
Magnificent coin, Jay. Congratulations!


Ron C2:
Cool Aureus! That one was definitely circulated.

I keep wanting to get a Septimius Severus aureus, but for some reason they are prohibitively expensive, despite not being all that rare.  The Flavian coins actually seem more affordable - go figure.

Jay GT4:
Thanks guys!

Ron, they're out there, keep searching.


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