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Please add a Trustpilot Review of FORVM

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Joe Sermarini:
Please add a Trustpilot Review of FORVM:

Bill W4:
I tried, but trustpilot is looking for more information about me than I'm willing to give.  Sorry

Virgil H:

It's easy to leave a review at Trustpilot.  FAC is listed under Hobbies & Crafts>Hobbies>Coin Dealer.  I wrote a short commentary, gave it a name, assigned a rating, and submitted it.  After about two hours, it should get posted.  I did log in (when prompted) using my Google ID.  I used Gmail, so I have a Google account.  That's it.  Simples! 

One review on Trustpilot can be quite impactful.  FAC's rating went from one star to four based on my review alone. I suppose that's partly that I'm a 'validated' reviewer, but you don't have to be one to contribute, as Virgil did.


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