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today I am allowed to present three ancient Egyptian oil lamps. Roman Period.

The first is absolutely similar to an objekt at the British Museum ( including the alpha marking on the base. It is dated to the (late) 2ndC BC - (late) 2ndC AD.  (Pic 1 and 2)
The second one is a very heavy example. I think it's from 1st C - 4th C AD. I also assess the third lamp in the same way.
What do you think, is someone else's opinion, I'm happy to be taught  ;D.

Thanks for any opinions

Lamp 1:
Egypt, Ptolemaic/Roman, 1st century BC - 2nd century AD. The Greek alpha mark on the base is extremely common on Egyptian lamps though its meaning is unclear.

Lamp 2:
Egypt, Byzantine/Islamic, 6th - 7th century AD. Cf. Hayes, 485.

Lamp 3:
Egypt, Roman, 2nd - 3rd century AD. Debased volutes to nozzle. Cf. Chrzanovski 2019, 74.

David Knell

Ancient Lamps - RomQ Reference Collection

Joe Sermarini:
Nice lamps.

Thanks David for sharing you expertise.

Thank you very much for your assessment  :)


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